About Writelight

Writelight is a tool that helps to use freewriting and other writing exercises for personal development or for boosting results in work and life.

What is freewriting

Freewriting is a liberating, freestyle form of writing that acts as a problem-solving tool, which helps people think through their problems. Freewriting pushes the brain to think longer, deeper, and more unconventionally than that it normally would.

To practice freewriting, you just need to set your timer, and write continuously whatever comes to mind. Do not pay attention to grammar or typos, do not stop to reflect on what you are writing, just continue writing until the designated time has run out.

What are some other writing exercises

We created Writelight specially for freewriting, but it can be used with many other writing exercises.

Writelight is perfect for journaling, if you practice journal writing, you can keep doing it as usual, just add 5-7 minutes for writing with prompts from Writelight.

If you are doing morning pages, start with a prompt form Writelight. You can keep writing for three pages, and use the quote (when the time runs out there is a quote) as a second prompt to give your ideas a new direction.

Writelight is also useful for expressive writing.

Why should you use Writelight

Sometimes it is very hard to come up with an idea, what to write about. It can be struggling and not very effective to use any of common writing exercises without a good prompt.

Writelight has solved this problem once and for all.

Open the website or the app, choose the time, choose one of five topics, and start writing. It’s easy, it’s effective.

How to use Writelight

Get your pen and paper ready, set the timer, get a prompt, and start writing. Once the time is up, there’ll be a quote. You can use the quote as a second prompt and keep writing for a minute or two.

Writelight can be used as a web-service on writelight.guru, there’s also an app available both on Google Play and App Store.

We have problems with the app on some Android devices, this shouldn’t stop you.

If the app doesn’t work, go to the website, it’s working fine on smartphones. On the website we also have more backgrounds, so it’s a bit more fun. New prompts and new quotes also appear on the website first.

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Want to know more?

Free writing is a fantastic tool for problem solving, generating creative ideas or clearing your mind. Writelight makes daily freewriting both easy and productive.

If you are new to freewriting and other writing exercises take some time and read one or two of the articles we have assembled

This column will change your life (Oliver Burkeman tells about the power of morning pages on the Guardian)

How to Freewrite (simple guide)

Freewriting for Problem Solving (some useful tips for freewriting)

Accidental Genius by Mark Levy (very cool book about freewriting, just take a look at customer reviews on the Amazon)

Expressive Writing: Words that Heal by James Pennebaker and John Evans (how to use writing when dealing with trauma)

Our team wants to thank Armen Petrosjan, Julia Cameron and Mark Levy,- for showing us the power of free writing.

We are also very grateful to all our users, especially those who leave great comments about Writelight in the stores, on reddit, and in various other places.

Love and special thanks to users who purchased the voluntary subscription.

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The launch of our application has become a new stage of our own journey in the world of writing exercise – a journey side-by-side with you. That’s why we wish to share our knowledge and insights about the power of a written word and its ability to influence the quality of life, with you. We send letters twice a month approximately.