About Writelight

Writelight is a web-service that is going to help you to find new ideas, come up with solutions for tough problems in work or in life, draw insights from subconscious reservoirs, bring creative fire to your work, battle procrastination, reduce psychological distress and perceived stress, declutter your life and mind, make life more integral and come up with long-term goals and vision.

In short, Writelight will help you to be yourself, and live your life the way you want it to be.

Too good to be true? No, but only because Writelight is standing on the shoulders of giants. Writelight makes it easy to use powerful writing techniques for self-improvement: morning pages, expressive writing and freewriting.

#throwback pre-drawn mornings in Costa Rica, before the sun or everyone else was up, while the coffee was brewing and i could hear the deep roar up howler monkeys, I practiced this #ritual. #writing like taking out the trash, not worrying about the words or the crazy content, just get it out, clear the mind and connect with all little voices inside. #ihearyou #morningpages #themermaidsisterhood

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Hundreds of thousands people around the globe use those techniques, and every one of them from time to time struggles with one issue – how do I come up with idea, what to write about? Writelight has solved this problem once and for all.

Writelight generates prompts for freewriting. The prompts include questions on various topics. There are prompts for creative thinking, reflection on career and life issues. There are also special prompts for bad and good mood.

Get your pen and paper ready, set the timer, get a prompt, make a deep breath, and start writing. Once the time is up, there’ll be a small surprise.

Which project of mine, am I the most proud of? What strengths did I use to accomplish this project? #AskYourself with Writelight. #freewrite #freewriting #motivation

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Writelight includes more than 200 freewriting prompts, so you will always find some new thoughts and challenge yourself with fresh ideas.

You can use Writelight as a web-service on writelight.guru, there’s also an app available both on Google Play and App Store.

Free writing is a fantastic tool for problem solving, generating creative ideas or clearing your mind. Writelight makes daily freewriting both easy and productive.

If you are new to freewriting and other writing techniques take some time and read one or two of the articles we have assembled

This column will change your life (Oliver Burkeman tells about the power of morning pages on the Guardian)

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Accidental Genius by Mark Levy (very cool book about freewriting, just take a look at customer reviews on the Amazon)

Expressive Writing: Words that Heal by James Pennebaker and John Evans (how to use writing when dealing with trauma)

Our team wants to thank Armen Petrosjan, Julia Cameron and Mark Levy,- for showing us the power of free writing.